Hello world!

Here I am. Now I am a blogger. That title is officially added to all the others – wife, mother, knitter, among the many…. What do I hope to accomplish with this? Well, I am not sure. See where it goes, I guess. I so enjoy reading the greats – Stephanie Pearl-McFee for one – that I would like to join the ranks. As the title implies, this will be about two of my loves, wool and chocolate. Maybe I can inspire some knitting or some gluttony. Perhaps both. Could be fun.

When I am not knitting, I homeschool my five children, all of whom were  born at home. I pursue natural living by running this mini farm I live on. I am devoted to my husband. I am an unabashed follower of Christ. I am a conservative. I drink raw milk. I aspire to be a midwife someday when my kids are older. I nurse my babies. I guess you could say I am a bit of a fanatic. I think I am pretty cool. (wink)

But all those details aside, lets see some knitting. Tomorrow. Sorry, folks. It’s getting dark and I gotta get these kids eating dinner.

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