Stash on the Runway

[Imagine cheesy announcer voice here. It’ll work better.]

Welcome to the Annual Jackson Yarn Show where Shelly Jackson displays her stash. It’s been growing, Ladies and Gentlemen, so hold on to your hats. This year is going to be really exciting! Headlining todays event we have sweater quantity stash. That’s right, every hank seen here has a box full of buddies just waiting to become a sweater! Amazing you say? It certainly is. But, if I know Mrs. Jackson, I’d bet there is a lot more where these came from! Oh, it looks like it is starting.

First up is the Dream in Color Classy Group. We have a lot of representatives from them today. Dusky Aurora is slated to be knit into the Mondo Cable Cardi. And what a cardi that will be!

On a whim, Shelly also picked up two hanks of the Wisterious colorway and one of Midnight Derby. I wonder what she has planned for these beauties? Rumor has it she has a friend who is expecting a baby of unknown gender, so speculation is these are destined to be baby garments of some sort.

Malabrigo has been a big favorite at the Jackson Stash for some time now. We have seen Chunky knit up into a beautiful sweater aptly named Pink recently. And here we are, loving this next sweater-to-be. It is worsted merino in the velvet grapes colorway. We are loving this color! According to my sources, this pile of wooly love will some day be the Vine Yoke Cardigan by Ysolda. Shelly has admired this pattern for a long time.

Going out on a limb, Mrs. Jackson recently purchased a new yarn for her stash. Miss Priss from Schaefer Yarn happened to have a colorway that was irresistable and got added to the stash without a seconds thought as to what it might become. This pile of yarn is just potential in string form. Colorway – Mary Walker Phillips.

Last up this episode is a real peach. Purchased from Loops just a month ago, Louisa Harding Grace is sweeping this knitter off her feet! The colorway is far more beautiful than her name, “whale”, but we forgive the folks at LH the insult. This yarn is so deliciously soft! It will make an exquisite Labyrinth with it’s soft pink as trim and stripe.

Well, folks. That is all we have time for today. Tune in next time when Knit Picks yarns take to the runway in sweater-wanna be style!