Chloe’s Baby

I have the most wonderful, creative friend. This girl is downright inspiring! Among her many amazing talents, she also makes dolls. Simple, adorable dolls in the Waldorf style. I just bought this one from her for Chloe’s 1st birthday.

Totally cute, right? And did you see the diaper? All hand stitched, all natural materials. Amazing.

So, I get to make doll clothes for her using this: (forgive the bad pic, please. It is all about color, anyway!)

It is Knit Picks Stroll Sock in Twinkle Heather.¬†Using this yarn, I will make the dress from the Ragdoll pattern in Debbie Bliss Essential Knits for Kids. I can’t wait to start! Kids are so fun to knit for!

8 thoughts on “Chloe’s Baby

  1. Very cute! And lucky you. I bought a Barbie thinking I’ll make Barbie clothes and sell them at the Farmer’s Market and at craft fair. Did I do this. No. and now said Barbie lays in a box. The box once full will be donated to a local charity. You, however, have what I do not a darling little girl who will delight in your creations.
    Happy knitting

    • Girls are fabulous outlets for my knitting passions! I struggle to keep my one son as well stocked with knitted gifts as his four sisters are! Although, knitting for him is more challenging, so it is fun in its own way! Barbie clothes. Now there is a fast and frilly project!

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