They say that you are fluent in a second langauge when you dream in that language.

I can speak a little German. We lived in Austria for 10 months so I can carry on a very simple conversation if the other speaker is slow and patient. If I had someone to practice on, I think I could become fluent one day. It is a wonderful language and fun to speak. I found it very logical and easy to learn, it made sense. But I don’t dream in German.

I can speak a little Spanish. We lived in Honduras off and on for a total of 2 years and I have been to Mexico on missions trips several times. I now live in California, so I have ample opportunity to practice. But I don’t dream in Spanish.

I can speak American Sign Language. For our homeschooling, the kids and I are learning it together and practicing it on one another. I can very clearly sign, “Go outside and play” and “Sit down and do your schoolwork” and so on. But I don’t dream in ASL.

I dream in yarn. Cotton yarn, most recently. Lovely, shiny, brightly colored cotton yarn. Does that mean I am fluent in…. yarn?

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