They say that you are fluent in a second langauge when you dream in that language.

I can speak a little German. We lived in Austria for 10 months so I can carry on a very simple conversation if the other speaker is slow and patient. If I had someone to practice on, I think I could become fluent one day. It is a wonderful language and fun to speak. I found it very logical and easy to learn, it made sense. But I don’t dream in German.

I can speak a little Spanish. We lived in Honduras off and on for a total of 2 years and I have been to Mexico on missions trips several times. I now live in California, so I have ample opportunity to practice. But I don’t dream in Spanish.

I can speak American Sign Language. For our homeschooling, the kids and I are learning it together and practicing it on one another. I can very clearly sign, “Go outside and play” and “Sit down and do your schoolwork” and so on. But I don’t dream in ASL.

I dream in yarn. Cotton yarn, most recently. Lovely, shiny, brightly colored cotton yarn. Does that mean I am fluent in…. yarn?

The Unique Sheep – Pima Petite Iris

2 thoughts on “Multilingual

  1. Haha, aber du kannst Deutch! Ich habe nicht gekennt, dass ihr nur zehn Monate in Österreich gewohnen (viel länger hab ich geglaubt!).

    Ich habe zweimal auf Deutch geträumt, niemals auf Spanish, viele mal auf Videospielen, und in lezter Zeit, auch Yarn (aber DMC floss :).

    Okay, that’s hard enough. I even had to look up two words. But I’ve been semi-regularly checking out your posts. Love it and keep it up! (I even got to recommend your opinion and the Canadian website you posted about cloth vs. disposable diapers.)

  2. You are so funny! Thanks, Kelly. It felt longer than that to me, too! Videospielen? Ich verstehen nicht… Although I can guess! Great German! I had to look up a few of those myself! 🙂

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