Stuck in a Purple Rut

I was just looking at the yarns at, my all-time favorite place to buy yarn. I click here and there and dream and dream. Occasionally, as I browse I stick a yarn in my wish list for later. I can’t buy any more yarn this month, but next month is coming and the resetting of the budget, so I continue perusing… Then, I think, “what is in my wish list so far?”

Well, first, there is Malabrigo Worsted Pearl Ten

Then there is Dream in Color Classy Purple Rain

Of course Malabrigo Worsted Sweet Grapes

And, lastly, Sweet Georgia Yarns Merino Silk DK Blackberry

I must be in the mood for purple. Wish I could afford 10 of each!


5 thoughts on “Stuck in a Purple Rut

  1. Sounds mike me and anything blue!! I just can’t get enough blue yarn (or anything else).

    And I *heart* ESK. My favorite yarn store. 🙂

    I’d have to go for the “sweet grapes” if I were you.

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