Designing Woman

I have piddled around with designing my own knitting here and there. I recently cast on and knit a sweater for a doll without pattern or instruction. I have even sold a pattern that I designed on Etsy for a baby cocoon. But, when I got inspired recently to design a shawl, I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. I had looked and looked on Ravelry for the perfect shawl, but couldn’t find anything quite like what I had in my head. I wanted something fast (worsted weight on big needles), triangular (but long and thin and less angular) and with a girlie lace pattern akin to hearts, wings or butterflies. When I couldn’t find a pattern that way, I realized that I could design something new and I immediatly cast on. (I am using Dream in Color Classy in the Wisterious colorway. Gorgeous!)

So began a day full of knitting, ripping and then knitting some more. Using a stitch pattern from Vogue Knitting Stitchionary (145. eyelet hearts) as my starting point and a basic idea of how to make a triangle, I eventually made this first draft, which I showed you a few days ago.

Still to0 angular. Don’t like the big empty spaces between the pattern and the border… So I tried again and after another full day, I got this:

Still don’t like the shape – the kids say it looks like an eyeball. Still don’t like the margins. Increases are too dense.

But, now I have knit this thing about twenty-five times and I am bored. Now, I know that designing a new pattern cannot be easy, especially a lace pattern. I know that designers knit swatch after swatch trying to get it just right. I know that a masterpeice is the result of epic trial and error. So, as my eye wanders to other things and my hands itch to create some sure thing, I have decided to set this aside, maybe indefinitely. I don’t know. We will see. It’s not a total loss. I learned so much. I am not an experienced lace knitter, so I had (have) a lot to learn. And, as a bonus, I have a child size shawl with matching doll size shawl to set aside for Beka for Christmas. I can live with that.

Now, on to better things. Like this lace shawl that someone else figured out for me.

Aeolian Shawlette in Madelinetosh Prairie Nutmeg

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