The Other To-Do List

I have two “to-do list”s. There is the one that renews everyday and gets high priority. On this first list are things like “feed everyone” and “change diapers”. Things that have to be done, things I cannot put off for later. The second list has things that are more fun. These are things that I want to do to make our home nicer, to make my life easier, to bless my man and kids and to make our world a little more beautiful. Yesterday was a day for the second list.

I covered the old high-chair,

I made a new mattress for the bassinet and I washed Chloe’s “woolie”,

and I shaved my legs. No picture here, you can just take my word for it. As much as I am embarrased that this in on the second list and not the first, tell me honestly: If you had a few extra minutes in your day, would you shave your legs or would you knit a few more rows on this? I know my choice.

Late last night, my husband asked me if I was ready for bed. I was exhausted, but I looked longingly to my knitting which had been neglected all day. “Just one row?” I said. He rolled his eyes and went to bed. I worked half a row (those lace rows are long and complicated) before fatigue won out and I¬†went to bed.

The second list got shorter, even if only momentarily, and this morning I am back to checking items off the first list. Life is good.