Making New Friends

Sometime ago, I read something by the Yarn Harlot that really made a lot of sense to me. I wish I could find it to link to it because I know that I can’t say it as well as she did, but I will try.

Knitting is a powerful common bond. If knitting is the only thing you have in common with someone, it is enough. I have learned this since I started this blog just a few months ago. I have made many wonderful friends in cyberspace. Friends who differ from me politically, religiously, professionally. Some of these people have nothing in common with me except a love of yarn. These are not people I would pick out in a room and say, “that one. I want to be friends with that one.” And, unless he/she whipped out a current WIP, I would never say more than a polite “hello”. But, here, on the web, where we all wave around our WIPs bravely and proudly, suddenly I am surrounded by fabolous people who enrich my life daily. I am challenged by our differences and encouraged by our similarities. I love these new friends. I love the debates that come up. I love the way they expose me to other points of view that I would never have otherwise been exposed to.

This weekend I updated the links on my sidebar to reflect the growing number of friends I have made. Please check some of them out. We all knit. Somehow, that seems to be enough to unite us. Enjoy!