See what I did this weekend? A shrug for Emma:

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Whirligig Shrug in Unique Sheep Pima Petite Iris

She hasn’t taken it off (except for a very brief bath) since she put it on this afternoon, and she just went to bed with it on. I guess that means she likes it. Success.

There is something so irrisistable about knitting for the little ones. I have on my needles three projects for me, one for my sister and a few I haven’t worked on in so long that they don’t even count as works in progress… but this? This is just so fun! I have four girls and now each of them wants one. (Well, Chloe would want one if she was old enough to ask…) Looks like my weeks knitting is all planned out!

And, this yarn is so beautiful! I used it to make my shawl recently and I wasn’t that impressed. I kept thinking that I could have saved a ton of money and got just as nice a shawl. Perhaps I was not using it to it’s best advantage. This shrug shows off its rich color, the shine gives lovely stitch definition and it is machine washable. I take back what I said about it not being worth the price. It so totally is. I will definitly be buying more. Especially since I don’t have enough to make Abby a shrug….

4 thoughts on “Whirligig

  1. That is a very cute shrug! I think it’s one my own daughter would love. I’d just sworn off knitting for her ever again since she doesn’t love the handknits like I want her to, but this might be the shrug to change my mind.

  2. I left you a comment on Ravelry, but let me say her too: I love this shrug! You did such an awesome job and it fits her so nicely. The color is awesome.

    Don’t you just love it when your child is out wearing something you knit and someone compliments on how nice the item looks on them. And your child so sweetly replies, “Thank you, my mom made it.” What satisfaction!!

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