It’s Official – Chloe Was Born

California has a one year period in which to do it. It took me 350 days to get it done. Actually, it only took a week, but I put it off very nicely for 343 days. Without a midwife, I was on my own on this one. (the only disadvantage I see in having an unassisted birth) I had Emma’s done in the first 10 days, but for Chloe I put it off till the last minute (or at least the last month…). But, now it isn’t hanging over my head anymore. I did it. Chloe has a birth certificate. It’s official. She was born.

I suspected as much.

7 thoughts on “It’s Official – Chloe Was Born

  1. Wow! I’m so glad you got that cleared up! I was really wondering if she was really born, but now that the state says so, I can relax. Ya hippie!

    I wonder what the consequence is for late filing? Would she not exist? I’ve had some midwives who filed for us and others who left it to us (well, make that Chief) so I never worried about it. Well, I worried a little in Germany with the whole citizenship thing, but that worked out just fine.

  2. We birth with a midwife and it still takes us MONTHS to get it done. And our state threw us for a loop this year when they made up their own rule that if you wait past 5 mo they won’t file for SS for you, which means you get to go to the SS office and explain why you have no prenatal records, no hospital birth records, no shot records… This is why we had to file an extension for our taxes, which are almost done now. =D

    • Last year we ended up in the emergency room with our five year old. No shots, no pediatrician, no social security card…. I am sure they all thought we were loonies. But at least she had her birth certificate!

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