A Roll Of Wrapping Paper

When cleaning out the closet, I found two rolls of wrapping paper left over from Christmas. “This is silly,” I thought to myself. “Storing wrapping paper for a whole year just to save a couple of bucks. I don’t have room for this.” On my way to the trash can, I had an epiphany.

“Hey, guys,” I called to the kids. “What can you do with this?”

And here was there answer:

(Abby didn’t participate. She was too busy timing herself to see how long it takes her to read a Hardy Boys Mystery. The answer? One hour, fifteen minutes. WOW!)

Noah made an extra large treasure map complete with venomous viper pits, lakes of lava, sea serpent swamps, land mines and other dangerous and exciting pitfalls.

Beka wrapped up some of her toys and “gave” them to Emma, singing “Happy Birthday to You” as each gift was opened. (Emma’s birthday is next week, so it has been on Beka’s mind.)

Emma first cut it into a zillion tiny little pieces (which are now scattered all over the house), then she made  a ball.

I’d say that was an excellent use for old christmas wrapping paper, wouldn’t you?

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