We have  a pretty tight budget around here, but every month I manage to eke out a small amount of yarn money. It isn’t much, but it makes me happy and keeps the stash healthy and well fed. I spend it pretty quickly at the beginning of the month and I use the remainder of the month to decide what next months yarn budget will be used on. This first day of July was going to be grand. Have you seen the new Knit Picks catalog? This is what I was going to get with my little yarn budget. Go ahead. Take a second to go check it out.

Nice, huh? You want one too, don’t you? Then, since that is only a little bit of the allotment set aside for my hobby, I was going to head over to eatsleepknit.com and grab a skein of this. Yeah, baby…. Dreaming is my other hobby.

So, why am I not ordering them right now? Why am I rambling about them on my blog and not stalking the mail man? Let me tell you. (Now, this is going to sound like good news, and it is. I am not complaining, but… well, you’ll see.)

The upstairs remodel is nearing an end. For the last year (!) our upstairs has been separated from the downstairs. So the kids bedroom is in the living room. Yes. In the living room. Bunkbeds, dressers, tons of toys, all living next to couch, desk, and bookshelves. This week, that all changes. This week I get to have a real house for the first time in my married life! We have lived in an apartment, on a ship, in the hired hands housing on a farm, in a barn and in a thirty year old mobile home. Now, I will live in a house.

So, what does that have to do with my monthly yarn allowance? We need to buy paint. Lots of paint. (there goes the yarn money) Now, I am so excited to be painting the kids rooms. I am thrilled that the stairwell will be beautifully coordinated with the living room. I am happy for the kids who are finally getting their dream bedrooms, their own space in the colors of their choice. Yes, it is a wonderful day in the Jackson house.

But, you can’t knit paint.

4 thoughts on “Squeeze

  1. Love that Madelinetosh! Beautiful color.

    I think paint is a worthy reason to defer the yarn purchases! I deferred mine for plane tickets! 🙂 (yeah, my yarn budget is busted for a good long while!)

  2. After I read your post I went to the mailbox. And there it was….what a pretty shawl. I actually think I like the fall/winter one better. 🙂

    Then again, I don’t do well with lace yarn, so I will settle for just looking.

    Congrats on the painting! It’s sooo much better once the paint is all done. Then you can “move them in”.


  3. Hi there, I saw your blog name in Franklin Habit’s blog comments and had a little chuckle. And then I started reading, and found I like your writing. Do you mind if I add your blog to my blogroll?

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