Mystery Solved

Last week, I blogged about a little mystery. Well, the answer to the mystery is a baby shower for my dear, sweet knitting buddy. The plan was that the guests would work together to make a blanket for the new baby. I was not sure what skills the various guests would bring with them, so I spent last week making some blank squares for embroidery. Then, I gathered up knitting needles and crochet hooks and hoped for the best. Well, I got great results! I was surprised to see ladies pick up knitting needles or crochet hooks who I thought would be in the embroidery group. My sister is a crochet speed demon – she busted out three squares in the duration of the baby shower! The mama-to-be learned intarsia with her square and I got to teach her sister-in-law how to knit. It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

The bad news is that, while we were setting up the tables and things for the shower, my camera decided to quit. I wanted to show you pictures of the gorgeous centerpieces, the fresh flowers, the coordinated tea sets. I wish I had pictures of the changing table that we all pitched in to buy, and the cute knitted things I made for the baby. This post is not complete without pictures of twelve lovely ladies sitting around tables, sipping tea, talking and laughing all while busily working on an heirloom for the new baby. The food was even beautiful – platters of biscotti and little cups filled with mango sorbet and topped with fresh blueberries. It was the loveliest party I have ever thrown and the guest of honor was truly blessed. But I don’t have any pictures. Bummer.

Amazingly enough, the silly little camera works now. Grrrrr. But I am happy to show you the fruit of our labors. A pile of creativity waiting to be put together. I am going to sew them together in a crazy quilt manner and knit some kind of border with the remains of the yarn ( I am torn between lace, cables or simple stripes…). I have until August when the baby is expected to arrive, which I guess is coming up soon, so I will be working on that till it is done.

Mystery solved. Party success. Happy woman.

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