Please Let Me Win!

Okay, so instead of blogging this weekend, I spent all of my computer time on Ravelry participating in their reclassification project. If you don’t know what is going on, maybe it is better that you don’t look. They are reorganizing and have asked all their members to help. (it may be too late to get in on it) The incentive for your help is a drawing suited for any knitters dreams, and for every pattern reclassified, you get entered into that drawing once. I did 1359. Oh, Lord, please let me win!

The prizes are all too much. How could one even choose a favorite? There is a cricket loom, a bunch of Namaste stuff, scads of yarn, fibers and patterns, and even a trip to Stitches! My heart is palpatating at the hope this raises in me! Oh, Lord! Please let me win!

Reality check. Sure, I did 1359 patterns. But there are, what?, over 140,000 patterns. So, seventeen prizes means seventeen winners, and who am I kidding? I don’t ever play the lotto, enter sweepstakes or gamble in any way. But I get the thrill. Oh, the thrill. Oh, Lord! Please let me win!

Ravelry, you have made a mess out of me. How am I going to make it to the actual drawing? I am dreaming of things I could never buy, and hoping for things I will (probably) never have. Dear Ravelry, what have you done to me? Oh, Lord! Please let me win!

Do you think God answers those kinds of prayers?


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