Outsmarting Myself

Because I put off knitting sleeves, dreading the monotonous task of knitting the same thing twice. Because a sweater will languish for weeks, even months, waiting for me to get up the nerve to knit sleeves for it. Because I have gotten way to close to having a bulky, wool sleeveless top one too many times.

I am knitting the sleeves first this time.

Brilliant, I know. But, notice, I only have one sleeve there… 🙂

This is  Abby’s dream sweater that I blogged about here. I am pleased as punch how well it is turning out.

And, about this weekends post. I apologize for dumping on you all. I was having quite a day. Then, God reminded me of all the things I have to be thankful of. I am a spoiled rich kid compared to most in the this world and I should be thankful for that. God is so good to put me back in my place, and I am doing much better now. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Outsmarting Myself

  1. Love that color. And I find dumping to be ok. It’s your blog. Sometimes a good dump leads to better things, like you mentioned.

    And I seriously can’t wait to see this sweater when it’s done!!

    • Yeah, I just can’t imagine people returning to a website in which the author throws a pity party for herself! 🙂
      Abby chose that color – and it is beautiful. I love this yarn and I am hoping there will be lots left over (there will be in the color work colors) so I can make something for me! Tee hee.

  2. Sleeves first! You are too smart! Think of how lovely she is going to look wearing this creation the 2 of you
    You dumped? Never even noticed!! Glad you’re feeling better however!

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