Christmas Knitting

You know, I find that keeping a secret is a very difficult thing to do.

Take Christmas knitting, for an example. This must be done throughout the year if I hope to have it done in time. It takes much time and money and thought and planning and love. It consumes so much of myself. Then, I get on this lovely blog of mine, and I can say nothing about it.  Weird, isn’t it? This is a knitting blog, yet about half of my knitting is taboo! No pictures, no links, no comments whatsoever. It is cool stuff, too! I am just bursting to tell you about the beautiful yarn, the intricate details and how far along I am getting on each thing…

It is hard to keep a secret. But, I will do it. Just know that in the background, behind the parade of knits for myself and the kids, there is a very impressive parade of secret knitting happening.

On the upside, the yarn for Christmas gifts comes out of the “Christmas Gifts” budget, meaning I get yarn that doesn’t count! Squeal! 🙂

Oh, I can’t wait till December 26th! That is going to be an awesome post! 🙂

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