Self Control

So, despite my best attempts to rationalize away my insatiable need to cast on new projects, my conscience has been getting louder and more annoying. Each time I reach for that new skien of Malabrigo to start Beka’s next sweater, I think to myself, Self, you really should work on the Vera sweater instead. And, when I spend hours looking at new patterns on Ravelry and am tempted to put some of my stash to good use on some new siren, I hear the voice again. Self, you already have something like that going. Why not work on finishing that first?

Thinking that I could prove a point to my conscience, I counted up my works in progress. Now, I usually have at least four things going, so five, six or even seven projects would have been within the limits of acceptable. I fully expected to come up with a reasonable number of unfinished items, therefore, allowing me to cast on something new.

Imagine my chagrin when I found that I have nine things going right now. Nine. I just don’t think I can rationalize that away. Especially since I didn’t even remember some of them. There are the three that are sitting by the couch (familiar and getting lots of progress), the one by my bedside (a little less well known to my tired brain – I rarely knit in bed. I don’t know why it is there), the two I kinda-sorta remember starting and then throwing them into the craft closet to clean up the house that one time (the memory is fuzzy, but I am sure that is how it went down), and the three that live somewhere deep and dark in that same closet (I only remember them because of their pictures in my Ravelry notebook). I have to admit, I am a little ashamed.

Here is the remedy (or, at least, the compromise that my conscience will have to settle with):

1. Finish one ball of yarn on each large project (that would be the three women’s sweaters 1 2 3 );

2. Frog the things I will never, ever, ever get around to even wanting to finish (that would be the socks and the goofy toy thingy);

3. Finish the gifts that must be done by September 26 (small things, but tedious, and boring because I am over it 1 2 );

4. Decide whether or not to finish Icarus (despite my occasional desire to work on it, it is sinking fast on the to-do list).

5. And, finally, get Celandine to mundane mode (more and more medalions before it becomes stockinette on lace weight on small needles around and around and around and around…..)

Then, and only then, will I allow myself to cast on something new. Something exciting. A shrug for Abby, a sweater for Chloe or (OH, OH, OH) a baby thing for my brother’s baby that is on the way. Ooooooo,  I am so excited I might explode!

But, for now, it is all about self control. Think I can do it?

Yeah, me neither….

Could you?

Top photo: Claudia Hand Painted Silk Lace, Teal

Bottom photo: Malabrigo Worsted Merino, Sotobosque

15 thoughts on “Self Control

  1. You can sooo do it!!! Just keep saying it!! A project started so deserves to be finished!! The yarn dedicated wants to be something pretty just like everything else. But, I have to ask why frog the socks? Oh don’t frog the socks!

    • Haha! The socks must go for three reasons – 1) I know I will never finish them 2) I started them before I knew anything about knitting, therefore I used a tender lace weight that would fare much better as a lacy shawl and 3) I know I will never finish them! 🙂
      I WILL do socks. Someday. Maybe. 🙂
      Thanks for making me laugh. 🙂

  2. You can do it. I have been working on “knitting self control” and I found a bit of success… to the tune of ONE (real) WiP right now. One. It’s a pair of socks! They’re getting done much faster than they otherwise would have.

    I have some socks to frog, too. 🙂 I do hope that I’ll redo them though.

  3. I am having such a hard time focusing on the three (ok 4) things in my WIP. I sooooooo want to cast on another project. I have my husband’s sweater (which I already knit to completion once, sheesh), my son’s sweater, and my very first (and probably last) lace shawl (which is, in fact, 5 *very long* rows from being DONE, DONE!!). There is a 4th, those “Cheap Thrill” socks….but after completing one, the other just isn’t as full of thrill.

    I really want to cast on another pair of longies, a sweater for me, and REALLY REALLY want to make a sweater for my husband’s brother’s new baby boy (my newphew then?) that is due the same week as my daughter is due. They are into the Packers and I have the cutest idea for a sweater. (And ironically have the right color yarn IN MY STASH as we speak. Very hard not to cast on. I could have it done in a few days. Ugh!!)

    Anywho. *whew* I suppose I could have just blogged that. 😛

    • Hey, you are pregnant! That is license to do whatever makes you feel good! Cast on and knit what you want, Baby! And the yarn is in your stash? It is destiny – there is no use fighting it. Cast on something new and then blog about it. You will feel so much better! 🙂
      (These are all the things I said to myself that led me to write this post!)

  4. As luscious as that yarn looks, I would be hyperventilating at the number of projects going at once. I am a one-project-at-a-person kind of gal. I derive a sick satisfaction from finishing things up as so much in my life is out of my control.

    Kudos to you for being able to keep up with all of it.

    How about if you finish two projects and reward yourself with the beginning a new project with one skein of that beautiful yarn pictured above?

  5. I am fighting the same (losing) battle! Good luck and be strong, but remember that knitting is for fun, and you make your own rules!

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