No Lack of Personality

Before we got married, Marc and I got some premarital counseling in which we took a test to determine our personality types. Now, it has been awhile, and the details are a bit fuzzy, but I remember that we were likened to certain animals – golden retriever, otter, etc. I don’t really remember what I was or what it meant, but I was reminded of this the other night when we all sat down to read our bedtime story. You see, every night for the last seven years or so, we have read a chapter of a book together before bed. Up ’till recently, the kids just sat quietly while I read, but that is changing. Ever since Beka learned to knit, we have been having a needlework revolution in our house. So, now, as I read the chapter, each kid sits busily knitting or crocheting (or trying to knit or crochet) while they listen. This reminded me of that personality test, because each kid goes about this very differently.

Abby learned to make a chain with yarn and hook a few years ago. She tried to learn single crochet, but it was hard and she couldn’t do it perfectly. So, instead, she worked at her chain until she had it down pat. She turned almost an entire ball of Red Heart into a long chain before she was ready to try another stitch. Once she perfected it, she moved on to a baby blanket, entirely stitched in single crochet. Every single stitch is perfect. Perfect. Better than even I could do. Her tension is constant and her joins (she is doing stripes) almost invisible. Amazing. But, then again, that is how she approaches life. She won’t even start something that she isn’t sure she can ace. And, everything that she starts, she aces.

Noah is our only boy. He lives most of his life in an imaginary world of robots, rockets and random explosions. He sat down to learn how to crochet, choosing a very masculine brown tweed. I taught him to chain, and he does it well enough. But, for him, it is not about the act of crocheting, rather, it is about having a really cool rope. No, it’s a chain. No, it’s a wrap for a sword hilt, or maybe a sling for a broken arm. Whatever. He is so imaginative and creative, a simple chain of yarn opens the door to myriad adventures. That is why this kid doesn’t need toys. He can take anything and turn it into fun. He is endlessly creative and amazingly inventive.

Beka is my girly girl. She learned to knit and crochet expressly for the purpose of spending time with me, doing what I do. She is all about the knitting bag, the pretty needles or hook and the colorful yarn. She churns out necklaces, bracelets, rings, and an occasionally a scarf. Her skills are being used to make herself and those around her pretty. She sits and chats as if she were my peer as she stitches away on some new accessory. Once again, this is her personality to a tee. Do you see what I mean?

Lastly, there is Emma. She is three, and so far the skills required to join the rest of us in our crafting have evaded her. But that doesn’t stop her at all. She sits and listens to the story with hook and yarn. She is busy, and intent, her little hands constantly moving. She wraps the yarn around the hook and pulls, and twists and lets it fall and starts again. She only asks for help occasionally, and rarely gets frustrated. She has yet to produce anything but knots, yet she continues diligently and happily. And that is who she is. Since she could toddle around behind me, she has been a good helper. Cleaning, contributing, working hard with a smile on her face. She may not have the skills or the knowledge, but that girl has the right attitude.

So, to be fair, I guess I should reveal my personality type, right? Okay, here goes – I get bored easily. I never have less than four projects going at the same time, and usually it is more. I want to be challenged, but I occasionally fall back on simple quick knits to boost my self-esteem. I get obsessive about certain projects, but if I neglect a project for too long, it will never get finished. I am a starter, and must force myself to finish. Yep. This is an accurate description of me in general….

Tonight, after every tubby has been taken, every tooth is brushed, and pajamas are donned, the kids will once again reach for their yarn as I get out “The Last Battle” by CS Lewis. I will read the next chapter to them and as they listen yarn will flow through their fingers. Once again I will marvel at the variety in our family, and how blessed I am to have each one of them.

5 thoughts on “No Lack of Personality

  1. I just read the comment before mine, and it’s funny, because if I had kids, I would read them the Narnia Chronicles. Or the trilogy with the Golden Compass (his dark materials).

  2. I love this post. I learned to knit as a young girl and I have loved the idea that I can create something where many people see nothing. Like learning music, I think that an artistic skill can open up a new way of seeing the world- I’m glad that your kids are the next yarn addicts of our world.

  3. This is such a beautiful post to read. I hope your kids have wonderful memories of the time you’ve spent together reading and knitting. I hope to do that with my son when he’s older 🙂

  4. I marvel every day at the differences in our house hold too, it is a blessing how God can create so many different people from the same 2 parents.

    Love the Narnia Chronicles. However, my kids have preferred reading them to themselves. Maybe Faith would enjoy it now that she is 6, I’ll have to give a try.

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