A Farewell to a Great Man

I don’t really feel like blogging today. I have nothing cute or witty to say. It has been a tough month already for me, and now this.

My grandfather died last night. He has been slowly slipping away for the last five years, so it does not come as a surprise. What does surprise me is how sad this makes me. My brain keeps telling my heart that it is good. The man that used to take his grandkids water skiing has spent the last years slowly slipping away, losing his abilities one by one in a slow decent into helplessness. I have been a part time caretaker and have watched him deteriorate. I am so glad that this long journey has come to an end and that he has been set free from his old, worn out body and is alive once more in heaven. I am glad for my grandma who has suffered by his side, hurting to see him hurt and hoping for a miracle. I am glad that, for those who believe in Jesus, death really has lost its sting. We will see him again. And then we will see the grandpa that bounced me on his knee, and that told me stories, and who would sing me to sleep around the campfire at one of our epic family campouts. The grandpa that I mourn is the grandpa that we lost when the strokes started chipping away at that great man. Now that his body has finally set him free, I know that I should be so happy for him. And, I guess I am.

But, it is a great man who is lost to us today. A man who touched hundreds, no thousands, of lives with his hospitality, generosity and faith. A man who spent his life serving God as pastor and mentor. A friend to anyone in need, a counselor to the hurting, a hero to so very many people. My grandpa.

I love you, Grandpa. See you later….