Some questions in life just don’t have any answers. Take these, for example:

Why is it that children, after bathing and donning clean pajamas, feel the need to roll around on the floor? My kids do this all the time. They have all day to slide across the floor on their bums, or slither like snakes, but they always wait until they are ready for bed. We live in the country (dirt) and have a concrete floor (dirty), so, as you can imagine, this does not please me. And now I realize that I have no photo to illustrate this point. I guess I was too busy saying, “Hey! Quit mopping the floor with your pajamas! You just got out of the bath, for cryin’ out loud!”

Why is it that the underwire in my bras eventually ends up working its way out of where it is supposed to be and burrowing into my chest? I pay good money for those puppies. I would understand if they were some cheapie off brand that I got at the thrift store, but I am talking about Victoria’s Secret. I expect better. No pictures for that one, either, I guess. What a boring post this is working out to be…

Why is it that when I finish a knitting project and have, say, 5 yards of yarn left over, I put that yarn back into the stash? I have a bowl of tiny little balls, all left over from projects long finished. I guess if I was planning to make some amazing, colorful creation like these folks… But I am not. I have no desire to ever use all these odds and ends, but I just can’t throw them away. It is inexplicable and pathetic. But, at least I have a picture for this one!

Will I really finish the Wispy Cardi or will it get set aside for some shiny new project that I have to cast on right now? Actually, I think I have the answer to this one. I have been a good girl and have not gotten side tracked all weekend. (I know you were thinking that I was going to stray over the weekend. Tee hee. Fooled ya!) Well, to be perfectly honest, I did work on the Labyrinth sweater on Saturday night, but that was only because I had come to a place in the Wispy that I had to pay attention, and I needed some mindless knitting while I watched Brian Regan with The Man. On Sunday, I came right back to it. Beka took this shot. I am holding what is left of the first ball of yarn (another useless end to go into the bowl, I guess):

The reason for this strange bout of monogamous knitting is another imponderable (I blame the malabrigo).