A Wispy Cardi, A Frantic Saturday and A Big Decision

We are packing up to leave for a week. I get to sit on the beach and knit and eat and watch my kids frolic on a beach with all my aunts, uncles, cousins, sisters and brothers, and nephew. I am so excited that I forgot to post my Friday picture yesterday! And I am a busy, busy bee trying to get everything packed and leave a clean house. But I do have three things, albeit no pictures, to say before I start this frantic day.

1. Wispy is finished! You will have to wait till next week for photos and details, though. I am not as excited as I thought I would be. I think this sweater was designed for a more “wispy” physique. It kind of looks like a frame for my ample bosom and pudge belly. But, it will be fine, paired with the right outfit. I can’t wait to show you!

2. Trying to decide what to knit on the beach is a tough one. Do I choose the practical route and knit dishcloths and diaper covers all week? Do I go super risky and take a Labyrinth? (A whole sweater in my lap and stressing about sand in the yarn?) Or, do I take a baby sweater, that is nice Malabrigo, but is small and manageable. And, once I decide what to take, how much do I take? What if I knit everything the first day, and have nothing to knit the rest of the time? What if I spend most of my time frolicking in the surf and cleaning sand out of the babys diaper and don’t even open the knitting bag? Oh, decisions, decisions….

3. The Man and I were discussing my body today. I have some ligament issues and need to give more time to exercise if I want to retain my ability to move painfree. I said something lame about how “I try to find time” and he said something very true. “If knitting were a cardio activity,” he said, “You would be in such excellent shape that you could run a marathon!”

Too true, Dear. Too true.