One Stitch at a Time

One stitch at a time. That is all it takes to knit something. Whether it is a tiny bootie for a new baby or a king-sized bedspread for your bed, you only have to do one stitch at a time. And that one little stitch sits next to another little stitch, and they all line up. Then, they start stacking, row upon row. Stitch by tiny, little stitch. Sure, it may take longer to get to the end. It may cost more to buy the yarn. But all you have to do is knit one stitch at a time.

Parenting is like that, don’t you think? The thought of making a whole person, all grown up, well educated and wise  – what an enormous task! I can’t do that! But, I can take the “project” moment by moment. A bedtime story here, a bandaid on an owie there. One “I love you”, one hug, one game of Memory, all lined up next to each other. Moment by moment, stitch by stitch. Then the moments, start stacking up, row upon beautiful row until I finish. When I bind off and they set out into the wide world to find their fortunes, they will be my greatest masterpieces.

Knit one stitch at a time


PS – Some time ago, I submitted a short essay on a postpartum experience of mine to a wonderful woman who has a heart for helping moms in those first few weeks after they give birth. She posted it on her blog yesterday, but I forgot to tell you. If you are interested in reading about my struggles breastfeeding my first baby, click here. She is accepting essays from other moms, so I encourage you to check it out, and maybe write a little something. 🙂