Cast On Conundrum

I need to cast on something new. I was over at Ravelry looking at my project page when I noticed something unusual. I have five WIPs – two of them are just hours away from being finished, one is probably going to get frogged and the other two are strictly “after kids go to bed and the house is quiet and I can think” knitting. Which means, technically, I don’t have any WIPs. (How do you like that math, eh?)

So, the next question is, what lucky pattern to pair with some fabulous yarn from the stash? And that is a conundrum. Here is why:

1. I should start something that will get me closer to completing one of my knitting goals. A sweater for the Year of the Sweater Project or a Christmas gift or a sweater for one of the kids (I try to make a sweater for each of them every year). But, that is too typical and boring. I want something different. (Really what I should do is laundry, but I don’t want to talk about that…)

2. I want to design something new and exciting. I have this idea swirling around in my head for longies that go all the way up, like overalls, but cuter. I have the yarn and a pretty clear vision, but I am not quite ready to start knitting, yet. Soon. Very soon. I also want to do some lace. There are several sirens calling to me. And I have yarn for that. But –

3. I have yarn coming. When new yarn gets here, old projects tend to loose their shine and I want to make something with the new yarn. I have Madelinetosh Eyre on the way. Why start something now, when I will be starting something when that gets here? I am also in a swap on Ravelry, so soon I should be getting yarn and a pattern that you know I am going to cast on as soon as I open the box. If I am not careful, I am going to end up with too many things on the needles in just a few days. (I am such a maniac, aren’t I?)

Therefore, I will be a good girl today. I will work on a current WIP until the new yarn arrives.

When that new yarn gets here, watch out! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Cast On Conundrum

  1. You made me think (which can be a feat in itself), so I checked and only have 2 wips (technically) so I queued 2 more projects and am going to finish 1 wip by the weekend. Seeing as I got new yarn yesterday ……

    Btw – love your sweaters. I can barely get one done in the same time-frame.

  2. ROFL!! You crack me up with your WIPs!! Don’t faint on me, but I currently have nothing on the needles. Just trying to figure out what the next ONE WIP will be for me!! ROFL how different knitters can be! Luv ya woman!

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