I Had A Great Idea

Wool longies are so useful. I have been knitting wool longies and shorties, and skirties and undies, for a few years now. I use them everyday. I love them. I just hate knitting them. Granted, it is a quick knit. I don’t need to look up a pattern. I can whip out something cute, useful and compliment worthy really fast. Sometimes, in the middle of a long sleeve, or a lace shawl, I make a pair of longies to remember what it is like to bind off. But, they are boring. Boring, boring, boring. So, every time I make another soaker, I get creative. This time was no exception.

Winter is coming, and the nights are getting cooler, so I was thinking that I would like a pajama type of longie that would be warm and cute and wonderful. I wanted a square neckline, a straight body and long, warm legs. Something like this, only put the longies at the bottom:

Now, a smart girl would buy the pattern and just change the bottom, but I had a “better” idea. I just decided to wing it. How hard could it be? (famous last words, right?)

This is the first prototype. Well, the first one that got farther than 4 rows. I cast on, knit a bit, and frogged. Over and over and over. And, each time I started over, I changed my stitch count. I really didn’t want it to be too small. Of course, there was no gauge swatch involved, so it was all a big guessing game. And, while that picture above may look cute, it is a disaster, and I will tell you why. The front portion of the neck, from corner to corner, measures seven inches! I don’t know about your baby, but my baby’s chest is probably closer to three.

No problem, I thought when I realized this. I will just change my plan. This can be a something for Emma. This is where knitter denial reared it’s ugly head. Emma’s chest is only 5 inches…

So, I knit around and around, and it was nice, fast, mindless knitting. Then, I thought, I should try this on Emma. So, I put all the live stitches on scrap yarn and called Emma over to me. Wouldn’t you know it? The straps are too far apart (as I suspected they would be) and the body was too tight around the middle.

Some garment I made – it doesn’t work on any body, and there are a lot of bodies to choose from in this house! I need someone who is broad shouldered and skinny as a rail.

Back to the drawing board….

9 thoughts on “I Had A Great Idea

  1. Okay. You got me thinking.

    What if you knit the longies part first, as you normally would to fir the intended recipient – BUT – you start them with a provisional cast on? Then, when they are done you could pick up the live stitches from the cast on and knit up the top (and it would be the right size). If you keep detailed notes of when you decrease, etc, you should be able to flip it around later and knit a whole piece top-down.

    Also, there is a free pattern on Rav for some overall-type longies (I think it’s in my favs). That might give you and idea of where to start cast on wise for size. 🙂

    Good luck!! Designing can be frustrating. (It took me three months to make a mitten once. Knit, frog, knit, frog.)

    • I thought about doing it that way. It is a great idea.

      I looked in your favs, but I didn’t see it, so I did a search and came up with two promising patterns. Alas, Pepita is in fingering weight, and 24-25-26 Baby Overalls (such a romantic name, huh?) is in Japanese. Hmmm…..

      I think I will just try again later. It is 100+ degrees today, so warm jammies are not high on my “need to knit” list right now. (At least I excel in something – procrastination! 🙂 )

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