The Cloverfield Hat and Other Strange Associations

I am a big fan of movies. Mostly “guy” movies. You know, “the more explosions, the better” kind of movies. I like the Die Hards, the X-Men, the Borne movies. I do okay with “chick flicks”, but it is mostly hit and miss. I hate sappy. I hate unrequited love. I hate extramarital affairs made to look beautiful. I like good comedy. And by “good”, I mean actually funny, not some stupid slapstick. Hitch is still funny after 100 viewings. I like capers. Give me a good batch of impossible missions and cool gadgets, like the Ocean’s movies. And, of course, I love musicals. Sound of Music, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and Singing in the Rain all come to mind.

I like to knit in front of the screen. Especially if the movie is scary or violent. The knitting keeps me just separated enough so that I don’t get nightmares later (as I have a tendency to do). This is cool, because I get a lot of knitting done in the evenings while watching a movie with the man. But it also has its downside.

Have you ever knit something while watching a movie, only to have that item to forever remind you of that movie? Especially quick projects, where there is only one movie associated with them? I once considered naming my projects after the movies that they reminded me of. I would have the “Indiana Jones Longie”, the “Lord of the Rings Baby Cardigan” and the “Ratchet and Clank Sweater” (that last one is from that time Marc borrowed a Playstation and played almost endlessly one weekend). Of course, these are all okay, it is the things that remind me of movies that I hated that are a problem. There was the “Aliens Sweater”, which I can’t even look at without getting nightmares, and the “Cloverfield Hat”.

It is the Cloverfield Hat that inspired me to write this today. My cousin was the recipient of the cutest crochet hat that I ever made. I wish I had taken a picture of it, but it was before my Ravelry days.  (I can’t even find it on Ravelry.) But, (and you know I hate crochet) it was really cute. It was a few, very cobwebby squares joined at the brow and then a netlike cap. I knit it in Patons Kroy FX, double strand, and the color is awesome. I am really proud of it, and my cousin seemed to like it. (She is a teenager, so maybe she didn’t. I have never seen her wear it, but she lives far away, so maybe she does…)

So, my sister brought it up  the other day, as in “hey, if you ever want to make one of those for me…” And I thought about it for a second, and in my mind I saw people running through the streets in terror and giant bugs attacking people in a tunnel, and a huge monster knocking over a bridge, and I thought, “I will never make one of those hats again!”

Last night, I continued working on my “Smallville Season 8 Lace Shawl”. At least this project will be spread out over several different movies, and maybe I will be able to look at it once it is done!

2 thoughts on “The Cloverfield Hat and Other Strange Associations

  1. LOL! That’s hilarious. I knit while the tv is on, too, but I don’t watch a whole lot of tv, so most of the time I’m not paying attention. When it is something I pay attention to, I’m going to guess that I will now associate projects with what I watch.

    I like the same types of movies you do, not big on chick-flicks, either…. ooooh! That reminds me!!! Iron Man 2 is on DVD now!!!! (I didn’t see it in theater) I totally forgot yesterday. I guess I’m running out to the store this afternoon and I know what I’ll be calling those socks I’ll be working on finishing! 🙂

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