Disaster Averted… I Think

I was unpinning my Labyrinth sweater this morning when I noticed something disturbing. No, disturbing doesn’t cut it. Terrifying, horrific, nightmarish, utterly awful. A dropped stitch. Way up high in the shoulder, which means that I did it long, long ago, I dropped a stitch. This is where my unending love for this yarn comes in – it didn’t run. There it sat, through knitting of body and sleeves. There it waited, through knitting of neckline and all the finishing. There it held, through blocking… twice. (If you remember, I blocked it after the first sleeve to see that it was a good fit. Then, I had to block it again after the second sleeve.) Wonderful, sticky yarn that didn’t run.

My mind was swimming with all the ways I could handle this predicament. Wailing and gnashing of teeth was my favorite option, but I ended up doing something even better. I fixed it. I think. Then I thought, “I have all these knitterly people online at my disposal. I should show them what I just did.” Now, whether I have opened myself up to ridicule or praise, I do not know. But, here goes. (I am using a fabricated swatch, because I thought of posting this after I had finished doing it, and I wasn’t about to take it out – not even for you, my Dearies.)

The dropped stitch:

So, I flipped it to the wrong side and caught the loop with my needle, like so:

Then, using a big needle, I wove the new yarn into the fabric, first up (so there would be no hole) then to one side:

Then, I threaded the other end onto the needle and wove it up and to the other side:

Now, my sample looks bad from the front, because of the contrasting thread, but here is the actual sweater fix –

Not perfect, I know, but it could have been worse.

I don’t plan on messing with it. It is in a less than obvious spot and will probably never bother me, but –

How would you have fixed this if it had happened to you?

8 thoughts on “Disaster Averted… I Think

  1. I hope I would have your sense to anchor the stitch and be happy. Any other repair would have been time intensive and less elegant than what you did. Especially since the spot isn’t obvious, I think this was perfect.

  2. Excellent solution I’d say. You were lucky it didn’t unravel before this and it was in an inconspicuous place!! Thank God for those little knitting blessings! LOL

  3. I’ve actually had that happen before and done exactly what you did. This really is the best solution to the dropped stitch problem. Good thing your yarn was so sticky that the stitch didn’t drop further.

  4. I couldn’t agree with everyone else more – I would have (and have!) done the very same thing… my only other option would be crying and screaming (my dropped stitch was found after I knit 175 rows in a fine wool with a size 3 needle…)

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