This week, I have been doing a lot of “ought” knitting. As in, “I really ought to knit this”. There I go, turning my hobby into an obligation, but I guess that is just how I roll. You see, I ought to knit some longies for the baby, seeing as how it has been cold at night and all of last years longies are now capris. I ought to knit the boy his red sweater that he has been waiting for ever since he picked out the yarn for it weeks ago. I ought to concentrate on Christmas. I ought to finish the princess’s cardigan. I ought to be a good knitter and do something useful with my time.

But I want to knit lace. Beautiful, complicated, useless lace. Lace that haunts me in my dreams. Lace with it’s long, complicated rows and ever changing patterns. Lace, with the mystery and intrigue of how a tangle of yarn will magically become a work of art when once blocked. Ahh, lace. Sigh.

The boy is watching, though, so I will work his mostly stockinette sweater with a huge smile. The baby’s legs are cold, so I will whip out a few longies as fast as I can. The princess knows what’s coming and is checking on my progress, so I will also give her cardi the attention it is due. And, oh my!, it is already October and I have a ton of Christmas knitting to do.

Meanwhile, I will dream of lace. I will sneak a few stitches in where I can, experience the small thrill as I work something awesome with my hands. My heart is in the lace.

But, first I will do what I ought.