This week, I have been doing a lot of “ought” knitting. As in, “I really ought to knit this”. There I go, turning my hobby into an obligation, but I guess that is just how I roll. You see, I ought to knit some longies for the baby, seeing as how it has been cold at night and all of last years longies are now capris. I ought to knit the boy his red sweater that he has been waiting for ever since he picked out the yarn for it weeks ago. I ought to concentrate on Christmas. I ought to finish the princess’s cardigan. I ought to be a good knitter and do something useful with my time.

But I want to knit lace. Beautiful, complicated, useless lace. Lace that haunts me in my dreams. Lace with it’s long, complicated rows and ever changing patterns. Lace, with the mystery and intrigue of how a tangle of yarn will magically become a work of art when once blocked. Ahh, lace. Sigh.

The boy is watching, though, so I will work his mostly stockinette sweater with a huge smile. The baby’s legs are cold, so I will whip out a few longies as fast as I can. The princess knows what’s coming and is checking on my progress, so I will also give her cardi the attention it is due. And, oh my!, it is already October and I have a ton of Christmas knitting to do.

Meanwhile, I will dream of lace. I will sneak a few stitches in where I can, experience the small thrill as I work something awesome with my hands. My heart is in the lace.

But, first I will do what I ought.

5 thoughts on “Ought

  1. Last night I dreamed of counting stitches. B tells me that I’m officially completely insane.

    I ought to knit some longies, too. But I also want to since I’ve never made them before. (:

  2. What about working the lace dream into your Christmas knitting? Even if a large lace shawl isn’t right for anyone on your gift list, what about a gorgeous lace scarf? Or gloves with a delicate lace border? Or even a lacy hat? Or – my favorite – a Hemlock Ring blanket? It’s not a complicated project, but it does provide that very satisfying shapeless-blob-to-gorgeous-lace feeling. In the meantime, good for you for sticking to your knitterly to-do list – I’ve got Christmas knitting stacking up like mad, and I just keep knitting away at socks for myself. Whoops!

  3. There is something rather freeing in doing what we ought rather than what we want. Of course, it’s lovely when they come together as they sometimes do. Doing what’s right (even if it’s not a Big Moral Issue!) because I ought is its own satisfaction.

    Well, I think so, anyway! šŸ˜‰

  4. I love this post and it makes me laugh about myself. I read the title and got halfway into the first sentence when it reminded me that I needed to be working on longies for my daughter. I ran and grabbed them before reading the rest. I too would love to knit some lace, but I need to finish my daughter’s birthday sweater (her birthday was last Friday) and at least one pair of longies because are mornings are getting cold…Oh well, lace will come. Thanks so much for posting.

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