For The Boy

The Boy is almost eight years old, and he lives in a sea of feminine siblings. Besides his four sisters, most of the extended family members his age are also girls. I do my best to befriend families who have boys, so he has a few pals of the masculine nature, but for the most part, he hangs with his sisters. He doesn’t seem too bothered by this, except, of course, when the girls are playing make-up or babies or some other purely girly game. As I write this, they are all out in their secret fort and gender isn’t an issue.

I bring this up because I have been knitting on a sweater for The Boy today, and I have been doing a lot of thinking. All my thinking has led me to this one thought – the knitting community has forgotten about eight year old boys.

I could knit all day long for my girls – and I do. Dolls and doll clothes, bears and cute fuzzy critters, lacy cardigans, flowery pullovers, dresses, tunics…. on and on. But, look for something to knit for an eight year old boy and what do you find? Zilch. Well, you may find a few really dorky sweaters that scream “my mom is a knitter and she hates me!” and there are a few knitted cars, trains and bugs. (The bugs are cool, and definitely on my to-do list) And, I ordered the robots kit from KnitPicks to make for his birthday. But, for the most part, when it comes to me making things for my kids, the girls get the better end of the deal.

Even the sweater that I am making right now, “Hoodie”, is written for sizes 18 mo-6 yrs, so I have to calculate it up two sizes. ¬†Adorable toddler and baby boy knits abound, but the eight year old boy is forgotten.

But, hey – look what I needle felted for him:

R2D2! ¬†Isn’t that cool? Of course, then he requested C3PO and I just about fell over at the thought!

So, what would you knit for an eight year old boy?