Dishrags, Robots and Christmas Gifts! Oh, My!

It turns out that dishrag knitting was just what the doctor ordered to cure my hurt knitting ego. I used this pattern, and cannot recommend it enough. Using size 10 cotton makes a wonderfully scrubby rag that I enjoy using. And I have lots of cheery colors to choose from already in the stash. This was the first:

(and yet another lousy picture. It amazes me that ya’ll keep coming back…)

This one was the first, so I followed the directions and used size three needles. The next ones I wised up and used a set of 5’s. Much faster, and the fabric is looser which makes for a better rag. No picture, it is in use already…

After my bruised ego was sated with dishrag knitting, I did cast on the cursed sweater in the right size and made great progress on it. Yesterday, we went visiting, and it was wonderful talking knitting while I spent a lovely afternoon with my mom and sister.

Then, last night, I started Noah’s birthday gift. Here is the Rav page and a picture. Yup. Cute.

I will probably only make the two on the left. Noah wasn’t too thrilled at the third. Maybe I will make up my own twist for a third. We will see how my interest holds out.

So, that is my knitting update. Of course, there are a bunch of other things on the needles, too, with Christmas looming and all. But these are the things that I am excited about. I did make a deal with myself that I cannot work on my lace project until my sisters gift is complete. This is partly to motivate, but also because I only have one set of size five circulars…. Maybe I should fix that…

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