Flower Garden Stitch Markers – Free Pattern

I made a few sets of these sometime ago and have been meaning to make more. I love the cheery way that they mark the end of a long row of boring stockinette, or that they help me keep the rythym of intense lace. (They also happen to grace my Ravelry avatar.) So, to brighten up your day, too, here is the simple pattern for:

Flower Garden Stitch Markers

materials – size 10 cotton thread in a variety of colors, size 5 (1.9mm) crochet hook, brass rings (I used Knit Picks Stitch Markers)

gauge – not critical

• Keep right side facing throughout.

• When adding the brass ring, it should sit at the center top of the first petal.

Using yellow, chain 3 and join into a ring with a sl st.

round 1: sc into ring 7 times, sl st into first st, break thread and fasten off

round 2: using petal color, ch2, work a dc, catching the last loop through the brass ring, ch 2, sl st into same st, *(sl st, ch 3, dc, ch3, sl st ) into next sc*, repeat in following 6 sc

Break thread and fasten off. Weave in ends

I apologize for the crochet content of this post. Tomorrow, we will return to our regularly scheduled knitty-ness.