Knitting in Twenty-Eleven

The Year of the Sweater is over. So, what will this next year be? Are you ready for a doosie?

First, a quick recap. For the year 2010, I set out to knit seven sweaters for myself. I finished five, one is still in the WIP basket, and one never got cast on. But, to be fair, my knitting year ended up getting cut short in October, when morning sickness took over. So, I consider it a success. Moving on.

This last year was also the year of the yarn shopping splurge. Taking part in the Eat, Sleep, Knit Yarnathon found me buying more yarn than I could use, and spending more money than I should have. So, to regain my husbands confidence in me in the financial department, and to test my self control, this year with be the Year of the Stash. Here are my rules:

1. I will knit only with yarn from the stash.

2. I will not purchase any yarn until 2012.

3. Yarn given to me throughout the year counts as yarn in the stash and can be knit up. I can also use store credit (I have a little left), but only if needed.

And, to make it more feasible, there are two exceptions:

1. If, when planning Christmas gifts, I cannot find the right yarn for the gift in my stash, I may buy the yarn required.

2. If, by some amazing knitterly feat, I knit every yard of yarn in the stash, I may purchase more yarn. BUT, only enough for one project at a time.

Anyone want to join me?

Let the Year of the Stash begin! And to kick it off, I guess I better toss the stash and see what is there.

And, there is this. A Christmas gift from my sister – a basket of wool and chocolate. Purple wool, even. Boy, does she know me, or what?

Now, in the interest of honesty, knowing that I was going to make this resolution, I did make another purchase. Okay, okay. Two other purchases. Neither have arrived in the mail, but when they come, I will show you. The first is from Knit Picks and is for the stockings that I have to finish this year and some baby things I want to knit before June. The second, well, that is another ESK order, this one putting me over the 35K milestone. Yeah, I know. I am bad. But that is why this new year is going to be so good!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

The Christmas Sweater Revealed, At Last!

The super-secret-Christmas sweater:

The Cable and Rib Jacket by Debbie Bliss in Knit Picks Cotlin Coffee

I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. And, I think she liked it.

Hope you had as lovely a Christmas as we did. See ya next year!

edited to add Ravelry project page link

Wishing You a Merry Christmas

Lest we forget why we are getting a day off of work, giving gifts and eating lots of yummy food:

May your day be blessed with the true meaning of this wonderful holiday season.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

PS – Zipper in, gift wrapped, relief all over. Hope Sis wants to model, because I can’t wait to show you! 🙂


I am half-finished installing a zipper in the super-secret-never-ending-Christmas-gift.

But it looks all wonky, and it really does need to be perfect.

So, I put it down, blew my nose, splashed my face, and proceeded to procrastinate.

But, today is a new day. I will conquer! I will succeed! I will get closure! umm, literally…

The Stockings Were Hung by the Chimney with Care…

See what I started?

Please ignore the crazy background. Our house is still a work-in-progress…

These are the stockings that I made two years ago. Now, I know that there are only five stockings there. I also know that we have seven people in our family, eight by next Christmas. But, I am tired of these. Oh, don’t get me wrong – I LOVE these that are hanging over our wood stove, all hand knit and beautiful. But the thought of knitting that (stinking) pattern three more times? It just brings tears to my eyes. Fortunately for me, Chloe is still too young to know that she doesn’t have one, and I don’t really care that I don’t. But, next year, Chloe will need her own, I will have another baby who will eventually also need one. And, while it will never be filled with anything, it would be nice to eventually have one with my name on it, as well. So, next year, I guess I will have to suck it up, order more yarn (I was so tired of knitting these that I used the yarn meant for the collection on other things…), and start knitting. I do have all year, after all. I should be able to do it. Maybe I will even be able to work up a little “want-to” as well.

A girl can hope, can’t she?