Getting a Few Things Off My Chest

Another bout of insomnia has me up yet again. So, I was laying in bed thinking about all the conversations I have taken part in on some of the forums on Ravelry. A few of them have me stirred up a bit. But, being the nice person that I am, I am very polite and civil. But this here? This is my blog. And I can say what I want.

So, I mentally composed four lovely rants while trying to fall asleep. (Of course, this only stirred me up more. Hence my typing instead of snoring…)

The first concerned genetic testing during pregnancy and how one woman stated that she would “definitely abort” if the baby in her womb was going to be born with some disorder. In my well worded and very passionate rant, I ripped this woman up and down for having the gall to call it a baby this week, yet admit openly that she could kill it next week, simply because she couldn’t have a special needs child at this time in her life. Grrr

The second rant concerned all those lovely pregnant women out there who keep saying the annoying phrase, “Well, my doctor said…” Look, ladies. Doctors are not gods. This is the age of information. You ask me about cord blood? Don’t you have Google? Search “delayed cord cutting” and in five minutes you will know more than your doctor does about cord blood. I do.

Third rant – and this one is touchy. Grief is a process, a journey to be traveled. Grief is not a cloak to wear for the rest of your life. I lost a baby. I know what that is. But, at some point, one must come out of the dark hole and celebrate the life that they have. This rant was fabulous because I included the testimony of my dear friend, who at 15 weeks gestation, found out that her daughter had died. She had to have a D&C. Do you know what they named her? Victory. Choose a little victory over your grief. Don’t wallow in self pity indefinitely.

The final rant was concerning motherhood. Why is it that in all aspects of life it is looked down upon to allow your emotions/hormones to govern your actions, except in the case of motherhood. Within so many of today’s parenting trends we are encouraged to stop thinking and just act on how we feel. Not a good life strategy, if you ask me. I find this topic exceptionally infuriating. Hormonal parenting. Disgusting.

Then, the irony hit me. This is definitely a hormonal train of thought. If I wasn’t pregnant and overly moody, would I still post this scathing treatice on my blog? Would I really risk offending people just to get it off my chest? Would these things really be bothering me as much as they are. (Well, that abortion thing would, but other than that?) The answer is no. In ranting about women being led by their emotions, I have proved that I have a long way to go before I live up to my own standards!

I really need to knit something soon so that I will have something good to say….

5 thoughts on “Getting a Few Things Off My Chest

  1. Those are good rants! 🙂 I agree with your positions and also find those things rather frustrating (my doctor/midwife give me advice, but I make informed decisions… grief is real, but not a life sentence… parenting with heart is not the same as emotional parenting, there is a critical difference…) But you’re right~ except in the case of the woman who would murder her child because he was not “perfect”, they are kind of “eye-rollers” aren’t they? Still….

  2. Honestly, I quit chatting on the Ravelry forums. I didn’t like my ire getting roused simply from someone hitting “dislike” on Christian comments I would post. I love Ravelry, but I don’t need more drama in my life. I have enough hormones in my own body to give me all the drama I need.

    Take it easy and don’t get wrapped up in all of that.


    Be happy.


  3. I knit so I don’t kill people. Seriously.

    Yeah – the abortion one would bug me preggo or not. I agree with you on those other ones too.

    I think it’s good to rant it out. I also think you need to knit.

    I haven’t gotten into too many Ravelry forums. I am “members of a lot of groups that I never, ever visit b/c I’d probably get into those ranty situations. I generally check things like the yarn for sale forums a lot though, different kind of trouble there! I have started frequenting the diaper/soaker forums and I forget that some of the good wool diaper using mamas are also on the very “liberated feminist” side of things and can get into the abortion topic very easily. So I try to keep it surfacy and about yarn only. 😉

    It sure is nice to hear from you, rants and all.

  4. Can I just mention a few things that I can’t stand but never mention in fear of offending someone? Circumcision is the first. Tubal ligation is the second. There. I feel a tiny bit better. 😉
    It’s nice to *see* you! Hope that you’ll be feeling better soon!

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