Welcome Back to Real Life

Today was the first day of our new school semester. The first half of our school year was a dud – what with morning sickness knocking me flat and all. But, I am feeling better now (not great, but better) and so I had such great plans for today. I was going to get up early, start the day right, get our school work and chores finished by noon and set a great precedent for the coming year.

Instead, I slept in till 9:00. We ate a leisurely breakfast, lolligagged around in our pajamas, and got two subjects done before lunch… which was served at 1:30. In my defense, I am still pregnant, and therefore not up to par. I am fighting some anemia that is making me very weak and tired. So, now the kids are all outside, enjoying the sunshine (as they should after weeks and weeks of fog and rain), splashing in puddles and getting muddy and cold. I am sitting before the computer lamenting my horrible parenting skills and wondering if I should just call it a good day and move on, or if we should try to get some math done before dinner.

But, there they are, frolicking and shooting bb guns and splashing in puddles and exploring the world around them and just being kids.

Which really is a great start to the week.