The Nail-Biting Stage

Ever worked on a project, and as you near the end, you notice that your last ball of yarn is getting alarmingly small? The horrifying thought creeps into your mind, inciting your heart to beat faster and your fingers to tremble. What if I don’t have enough yarn to finish this? So, you knit faster, somehow thinking that if you do it fast enough, there will be enough yarn to get to the end. But, the ball only shrinks faster, the faster you knit. This is the nail-biting stage.

I usually don’t get to this point. As I have said before, I usually buy too much yarn and have tons left over. Normally, I finish my project with two or three skeins still unmolested in the bottom of the bag, and I have this happy, “Hey, maybe I’ll make a matching hat” thought. But, not today.

When the Boy and I were looking for just the right shade of red, he still hadn’t picked out the pattern. We bought four balls of Paton’s yarn in Bright Red (do you know how hard it is to find a red that isn’t “too girlie”?), which adds up to over 800 yards. Plenty for a sweater for a (skinny) eight year old. Plenty…. right? HA!

I knew the yarn was getting used up faster than expected, so early on I told the Boy that he needed to choose between the hood and the pocket, because we probably wouldn’t be able to do both. I was glad when he chose the hood, because the pocket looks goofy in the picture and I didn’t want to make a lovely sweater that I had worked so hard on look goofy with a dumb pocket.

However, the hood takes more yarn.

So, I am knitting the hood, and the yarn is evaporating and I am getting nervous. Will I have enough to finish?

And then, the real horror of the situation hits me. Because of my Year of the Stash Project there is no getting more yarn! I have to make do with what I have. I even have to think about the seaming. What will I seam it with if I use up every inch on the knitting? AHHHHHHH!

Wish me luck.