What’s Next?

This next challenge is a doosie! Remember these?

The Whirligig Shrugs that I made for Emma and Beka last summer?

My teenaged sister saw these and declared, “You could make one of those for me!”

Now, this is kind of  a big deal, because she has previously stated that she would not wear any knitted thing. When she said this, my mind immediatly began racing with ideas. How does one take a pattern, written for toddlers, and turn it into a bigger, grown up version that a teenager is likely to actually wear?

First step is yarn choice. The easy route would be to knit it in a huge gauge, so that I don’t have to change the pattern much. I have lots of bulky weight yarns. But, this idea was thrown out almost immediately. The appeal of this shrug is the swingy, breezy-ness of it and a bulky fabric would really ruin that. Same with worsted. I don’t have a ton of DK or sportweight on hand, so that left fingering. I have lots of black fingering weight – Knit Picks Gloss Sock – that I have no plans for. Perfect.

Next was gauge. As I wanted a swingy fabric, I went big on the needles – a size 5 – to get a loose, but not too loose, gauge of 24 st to 4″.

Now, the fun part. How do I make the pattern fit a full grown almost woman?

That is where the Wispy comes in.

The construction of this cardigan is perfect for my plans.

So, I am essentially taking two patterns and blending them into the perfect shrug for my little sister. This is where I am so far.

I am calling it the Whirl of the Wisp. Ha! Sometimes, I can be so clever.

I hope it works….