Whirl of a Wisp

Wren – I don’t think you read my blog, but today is not the day to start. Kindly refrain. See you Saturday! Shelly

The Whirl of a Wisp experiment has come to a lovely end. I am glad to have it done in time to give it to the sis for her birthday on Saturday. Here are some pictures to prove two things – 1) I can knit whatever I want! and 2) I am not a model. (In my defense, the sun was in my eyes and I had all the little people asking, “Can I take pictures, Mama?”)

Now for the knitterly details. ( I love this part)

This is less of the Wispy than I thought that it would be. When I started, I cast on and began as if I was making a Wispy, but pulled it out when I decided to taper the sleeves. So, I started again, with a provisional cast on, and slowly increased to the armpit, resuming the Wispy pattern, I worked across the back and just mirrored the second sleeve to the first.

The Whirligig influence was heavy as I got to the cuff of the second sleeve – I just put the cabled ribbing and seed stitch ruffle at the end of the arm. Then, I went back to the beginning, picked up the provisional stitches and repeated the process.

At this point, I had a Wispy back with tapered sleeves and Whirligig ruffles.

Picking up the stitches along the bottom of the back edge was the next task, after which I just did another cabled ribbing/seed stitch ruffle to match the cuffs.

Returning to the Wispy pattern, I picked up the edge stitches up the right front, around the back of the neck, and down the left side for a 2×2 rib collar.

Voila! The Whirl of a Wisp.

Now, the real test comes. Will a fashion savvy fifteen year old wear it? We shall find out soon enough. (And, you know, even if she hates it and it dies a sad death in the back of her closet, I think I’d be okay. I really did this for me – the thrill of a challenge, the puzzle to solve, the creativity that sometimes runs amok in my mind! It was a very satisfying project, even if it isn’t the treasured gift that I hope it is.)

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