It’s About Time

Twelve years, two months ago I married the man of my dreams.

I have yet to knit him a sweater (that he can wear…. but we won’t bring up that blue nightmare of knitted good intentions… ).

Until now.

In my defense, it took him a looooong time to pick out a sweater that he liked. Years. Then he picked this one from Vintage Knitspicture from the book

Jarret, a classic, tweedy sweater done in a now-discontinued yarn – and he wants it exactly like the picture.

So, then I took a long time deliberating over yarns before I finally landed on Knit Picks City Tweed in Chipmunk.

It’s pretty close, albeit a bit darker, but, oh so soft, yet with a very rustic look to it.

I ordered* 16 balls (each are 123 yards) and figure if I can knit one ball a day I should have it done in time his birthday (on February 11th) with a few days to spare.

This weekend I got the back piece done. Three balls down, thirteen to go.

And, the man, is watching it grow in my lap like one of the kids – “Is that my sweater? What part is that? Hold it up again?”

He is getting a sweater knit with love and wool and speed.

It’s about time.


*ordered last year – I was trying to get it done for Christmas, but as you know, my knitting plans were put on hold for a time. 🙂

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