20 Down, 20 To Go

That’s right, folks – this baby is halfway cooked!

The worst is behind me. The morning sickness, the endless vomiting, the feeling nasty all the time – it’s all in the past. I have even gotten my anemia under control already. Sure, there is still heartburn and backaches and fatigue, and don’t forget the varicose veins, but at least now I get the pleasure of feeling the little kicks and bumps of new life within my womb.

It is those little movements that I find so amazing. You see, the more pregnancies that I have, the more the whole thing looses it’s novelty. I am somewhat “over” the thrill of being pregnant, and all the little milestones don’t do it for me anymore. But, one thing never gets old and that is the thought that there is a little person in there. A new little baby with it’s own heartbeat, mind and will is squirming around inside of my belly. I am God’s incubator. And that is awesome!

So, at five months, I am feeling pretty good. I need to start knitting for this little one, because then I can start to get excited about having another baby around. Only 20 more weeks to go. Yeehaw!