I Hate it When That Happens!

Yarn Barf

But, on a happy note – That, my friends, is ball number 9. Today is day 9 of the project. So far, I am keeping up with my ball-a-day goal. Plus it is starting to look like I am going to have a lot of yarn left over – big surprise, I know. I am really excited, though, because I am thinking that this yarn would make adorable longies for the little one.

3 thoughts on “I Hate it When That Happens!

  1. Ok. Help me. What is a “yarn barf”?

    And – are the “balls” for this yarn the kind that actually look like little oval balls? How do you knit from them? I got 2 of them for knit picks, their new “cashmere” blend yarn, and I have NO IDEA if I can pull from the ball or if I have to wind them or where to even look for the end.


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