A Manly Knit

The Man got his hand knit sweater in time for his birthday. Success! And, because he is so fabulous, he even played super-model for me so that I could show you all how it turned out. What a guy.

Jarrett by Kim Hargreaves (Published in Vintage Knits) in Knit Picks City Tweed, Chipmunk (Ravelry Project Page Link)

Three things about this knit:

1. The Man is very, uh, shall we say, refined? in his tastes. It took him years to pick out a sweater pattern. Years. So, I knew that when he said, “I like that sweater”, he meant that exact sweater. I did my best to get the same yarn (it was discontinued, but I got very close) and the same buttons (also discontinued, but, again, I got close) and I followed the pattern to the letter. This was very hard for me. While the pattern is very concise and well written, there were some steps I wanted to skip and a few things I would have rather done my way. It took tons of self control to knit it in pieces instead of just working it all at once, and the seaming was endless. But, I was determined to make that sweater, so I reigned in my creativity and did what I was told. And the finished sweater is as close to that sweater as I think one could get.

2. This yarn is wonderful! City Tweed is a DK weight alpaca/merino blend with viscose tweed. It looks rustic and hardy and rugged, but it feels like a little bit of heaven. It was a pleasure to knit with and such a deal at $4.29 a ball. I used 12.5 balls, so this sweater only cost me $54.00! I am so pleased that I have some left over (I had ordered 15), and can’t wait to try some longies with it.

3. I was so nervous making this sweater. I was afraid of running out of yarn, of messing up the sleeves, of working all those hours only to make a sweater that The Man wouldn’t fit in, or like, or wear. I think that I made it as fast as I did, because I just wanted to get to the end of it and see if my fears were justified. They weren’t. I had more than enough yarn. The seaming went fine and all the pieces fit together like they should. And, most importantly, The Man likes it. He wears it and brags on it.

And, well, if that isn’t success, I don’t know what is.

5 thoughts on “A Manly Knit

  1. I **LOVE** it!! It looks so wonderful and *refined*! What a great knit. And I know, I KNOW, it was hard for you to follow the pattern To. The. T. I know. I, for the life of me, cannot do that.

    Yes! Success!!

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