Feeling More Like Me

It looks like my days of one-at-a-time knitting are over. It was like some strange dream. But, I am feeling a little bit more like myself – see?

I’ve been working on the Bebe Blanket

…and a shawl for the Bookworm (whose birthday is coming up next month) –

… and a sweater for the Princess (who was next in line) –

But, notice that even though my Knitting ADD has returned, that last project is finished and blocking! More about that little gem tomorrow.

Now I am off to clean out my craft closet… again.

One thought on “Feeling More Like Me

  1. I’ve got to get on rav so I can check out your projects. Right now I am just “not sleeping” and knit-blog surfing away with my insomnia on the blackberry.

    That little purple sweater is indeed blocking. Can’t wait to see it. Your kid sweater are lovely.

    P.S. My boy has now requested a red hoodie. They should start a club together. 😉

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