The Princess Gets Hers

Last winter, I knit each of my five kids a sweater. Well, everyone got a sweater except The Bookworm, she wanted a cape.

This winter, I set out to do the same.

Here is the last of the five – The Princess gets hers –

Diamond and Bobble Sweater from Petite Purls in Patons Wool Wisteria and Dream in Color Classy Wisterious

Three things about this sweater:

1. I wanted to do a top-down, round-yoke pullover. I wanted the pattern to be free, easy and basic. I wanted to incorporate stripes. Do you know how hard it is to find a pattern that fits that description? I had to settle for a bottom-up, round yoke cardigan. Other than that, it was a fine pattern. Petite Purls has some really cute stuff.

2. Using up the stash means that this knit had to be striped, and also that I held my breath the entire knit, wondering if there would be enough. I had to modify the contruction a bit, as well. I knit the body, yoke, buttonbands and collar first. To do this, I had to do a provisional cast on for where the sleeves would be. Then, I picked up the provisional stitches and knit each sleeve, top-down, until the yarn ran out. Three quarter sleeves were not part of the plan, but it works just fine.

3. I wish I could have made this in my size. I love the colors, the shape, the buttons, the sleeves. It looks great on Emma, and she is thrilled. But I can’t help but be just a bit jealous! 🙂

Each kid got a sweater this winter – (all of these can be found in my Rav Notebook)

I can’t wait to start on the Winter ’11-’12 Collection! 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Princess Gets Hers

  1. I love it!

    You should check out “Knitting from the Top” by Barbara Walker from the library. Then you can make any sweater you want – top down! I also like “Knitting without Tears” by Elizabeth Zimmermann. That is my “any sweater bottom-up” book (and one I actually own). The BW book has many reglan sleeve shaped sweaters, but also includes instructions for a seamless yoke. Anywho…

    I am seriously impressed at you ability to knit from the stash! I imagine it is very frustrating and also very rewarding at the same time. Your sweaters look awesome!!

  2. You are right. I should get that book, and it has been on my library list for some time. I have EZ’s book, but the round yoke sweater is bottom up. Really, I didn’t want to do any figuring – I have three lace projects going, and this was my brainless, movie-watching knit. 🙂

    Knitting from the stash is getting more challenging (and it is only Feb! AHHH!). I was just telling the Man that soon I will not ask, “Which yarn could I knit that in?” but rather “What should I make out of this yarn?” But, I am still going strong and have only been tempted to buy more yarn once – and even then I was not really dangerously serious. 🙂

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