Miraculous Potty Training

The Munchkin is potty trained. Just like that.

I didn’t do anything different than the last four times I potty trained a kid.

I bought her a potty (this cute little chamber pot from novanatural.com)

and a stack of undies and some little treats. I took her potty a few times. I cheered and rewarded her when she filled her little pot.

That’s it, and, voila!, she is potty trained – in a week! All the other kids took weeks, even months, to achieve the same success.

The Munchkin is an exceptional kid.

And I am so relieved that I get a couple of diaper-free months before we start all over with the new baby.

Yippee! God loves me! 🙂

The Clause

I bought yarn this week.

It was totally legal, thanks to the clause.

And, I quote: “1. If, when planning Christmas gifts, I cannot find the right yarn for the gift in my stash, I may buy the yarn required.”

Okay, okay. It isn’t for a Christmas gift. But, it is for a gift. And I honestly and truly did not have the yarn for this gift.

That, my friends, is a pile of Palette from Knit Picks (bark, lipstick, almond, salsa heather and forest heather).

And, here is the story….

When I was making that cute little elephant top for the new baby, my dad was here visiting. He was somewhat impressed with my colorwork skills and quickly put in a request for a hat for his birthday. He described what he wanted – earflaps, pointy crown, lots of colorwork, some deer – and so after he left, I hit Ravelry, looking for the perfect pattern.

It isn’t there. But I found one that should work with some tweaking.

I have until his birthday in July, but when I realized that I was going to have to buy yarn, well…

I Take It All Back….

… well, most of it.

I still don’t have a burning desire to knit socks, BUT…

I am really enjoying these.


So much so that I have been hand washing them at night to wear the next day.


I think I need some more.

No, I know I need some more.

Now the only question is which socks to make next? Should I go with a simple, no-brainer sock pattern, since I have so much lace in-progress right now?

Nah. I’m gonna make these with my new yarn from the KP Stash Swap (Louet Gems Fingering in Bright Red).

Interesting. I just may have found my inner sock knitter after all.

Hmph. We’ll see….