Miraculous Potty Training

The Munchkin is potty trained. Just like that.

I didn’t do anything different than the last four times I potty trained a kid.

I bought her a potty (this cute little chamber pot from novanatural.com)

and a stack of undies and some little treats. I took her potty a few times. I cheered and rewarded her when she filled her little pot.

That’s it, and, voila!, she is potty trained – in a week! All the other kids took weeks, even months, to achieve the same success.

The Munchkin is an exceptional kid.

And I am so relieved that I get a couple of diaper-free months before we start all over with the new baby.

Yippee! God loves me! ūüôā


The Clause

I bought yarn this week.

It was totally legal, thanks to the clause.

And, I quote: “1. If, when planning Christmas gifts, I cannot find the right yarn for the gift in my stash, I may buy the yarn required.”

Okay, okay. It isn’t for a Christmas gift. But, it is for a gift. And I honestly and truly did not have the yarn for this gift.

That, my friends, is a pile of Palette from Knit Picks (bark, lipstick, almond, salsa heather and forest heather).

And, here is the story….

When I was making that cute little elephant top for the new baby, my dad was here visiting. He was somewhat impressed with my colorwork skills and quickly put in a request for a hat for his birthday. He described what he wanted – earflaps, pointy crown, lots of colorwork, some deer – and so after he left, I hit Ravelry, looking for the perfect pattern.

It isn’t there. But I found one that should work with some tweaking.

I have until his birthday in July, but when I realized that I was going to have to buy yarn, well…

I Take It All Back….

… well, most of it.

I still don’t have a burning desire to knit socks, BUT…

I am really enjoying these.


So much so that I have been hand washing them at night to wear the next day.


I think I need some more.

No, I know I need some more.

Now the only question is which socks to make next? Should I go with a simple, no-brainer sock pattern, since I have so much lace in-progress right now?

Nah. I’m gonna make these with my new yarn from the KP Stash Swap (Louet Gems Fingering in Bright Red).

Interesting. I just may have found my inner sock knitter after all.

Hmph. We’ll see….

Okay, This is Just Getting Silly

Anyone want to guess how many of my current six projects are lace? I will give you a hint… I love lace.

Five. Five lace projects and one crochet (gag… but it must be done…).

I have got the lace border for the baby blanket going.

This is an easy lace, but I am starting to hate the yarn. Knitting lace with cotton/linen is hard on the hands. (I know, I know, it will soften in the wash and be just scrumptious to wrap a baby in… but for now, I suffer.)

The February Fitted Sweater is still in progress.

And, while this is technically lace, it is pretty mindless. This one is a pleasure to knit as I am still swooning over this yarn. It is just lovely.

The Rona Shawl is collecting dust.

It is going to be fabulous if I can ever get up the gumption to do what it takes to get it going again. You see, I arrogantly left my lifeline 40 rows back…. and so I have to frog it back 40 rows because of not one, but two nasty mistakes. Hence the dust.

I also have the Celandine still on the needles.

It is an endless project. I do intend to finish it, though, because I cannot wait to wear it!

Lastly, the project that keeps me up at night, the one that I am passionate about, the one that haunts me in my dreams. Jaali.

Sigh. This is the reason for lace knitting.

But, all this lace means that I have no movie-watching knitting. I have no visiting with friends knitting. I have no watching the kids play knitting.

Time to cast on a diaper cover… or two.

These Happy Golden Years

The other night over dinner, The Man and I were contemplating our ten-year-plan. (I could take this statement as a jumping off point to rant about how we have been so temporary every where we go and how I really want a nest now and that I am tired of dreaming about the homestead – I want to actually live on it…. But, I won’t. I have something better to say.)

Ten years. I looked at the little faces around the dinner table. In ten years,¬†this baby in my belly, my youngest child, will be ten.The Munchkin (who at that moment had dinner all over her face, in her hair, down her shirt…) will be 11. The Princess, my little toothless comedian, will be a teenager. The Dancing Queen will be driving and the The Boy will be a man. The Bookworm will be 21 years old.¬†I could be a grandmother in ten years! Wow.

And that is when it dawned on me. These are the best years of my life. These are the times that will be recounted in story upon story.

“Remember when The Princess used to say all those funny things?”

“Remember when The Boy would get lost in his own imaginary worlds, making sound affects all day?”

“Remember when…?”

A desire welled up in me to keep them all like this. Stop growing up! Stop growing away! This time, this glorious time, is passing so quickly! In ten years, I will have all big kids. In ten years there will be no more diapers, no kissing owies, no funny toddler talk. In ten years I won’t be teaching phonics or addition.

In ten years…. that’s not very long. It will pass as quickly as the last ten did, I suppose.

Sigh. Parenting is the only job in which your goal is to work yourself out of a job.




Swap |swäp| (also swop)

verb ( swapped , swapping ) [ trans. ]take part in an exchange of : we swapped yarnie goodies; give (one thing) and receive something else in exchange : swap this skein of yarn for that one

I just participated in a stash swap (to freshen the stash without actually buying yarn) with some wonderful gals in the Knit Picks Lovers group on Ravelry. I sent out some of my yarn, a boxy bag, stitch markers, some patterns and a DPN project holder and today, recieved this from my swap partner:

A quick inventory reveals this woman’s great generosity:

Bare fingering (totally awesome, because, as she pointed out in her note, I am on a yarn diet, so I can dye this the color I need later. Yippee!)
2 skeins Gloss Lace carrot an excellent shade of orange
2 skeins Louet Gems Fingering bright red Рto make the winnow socks (very excited about this)

Printed patterns in box:
Carmen Bananas
Carmen in the City
Tilt a Whirl

plus Patterns gifted to me through Ravelry this morning:
Jaali swoon Рthis is going on the needles tonight
Bitty Booties (for the bun in the oven)

embroidery needles
stitch markers (the open ring kind – love!)
pencil case (I am always looking for another bag to hold notions)
project bag (with cookies on it – so cute)

Fun stuff for me:
Jasmine white tea (boiling water right now so I can try it)
note cards that say ‚Äúdream in chocolate‚ÄĚ (oh, yeah!)

Fun stuff for the kids:
pencils/crayons/glue sticks/book marks (Peter Cottontail) and a Bible song book with CD

If you have never participated in a yarn swap, you are missing out. It is so much fun putting together a box for a stranger, and then such a treat when you get a box from them in return. I had so much fun, I already signed up for another in the Cuppa Tea? group! ūüôā



Knitting For Baby

I finished my stack of little baby tank-tops. These are the gender neutral ones:

Here is the pink one (just in case) – The color is not accurate, by the way. It is not nearly this bright and glowing in real life. My camera doesn’t do well with pink or red…

… with cute buttons:

The elephant one is the only one that isn’t plain. It was the last one and I was getting bored with this very boring pattern. Here is a close-up of the elephants because they are so very cute:

I used the chart from this pattern. I should have swatched first, though, because I think I could have made them a little better if I had. Oh, well.

These were made following the Baby’s Bamboo Singlet pattern out of the book¬†101 Luxury Yarn One Skien Wonders. I used Knit Picks Risatta. (Ravelry Project Page Link) I did change the pattern to knit in the round, but other than that it is a perfectly fine pattern, if not a little boring.

I have some left over yarn that I am experimenting with to see if I can get one more little shirt out of it. I didn’t want to do boring stripes, so I am playing with some slipped stitches. I don’t know if I will have enough to make the whole shirt, but this is what I have so far. Slipped stitches take less yarn, right?

Now, if I have a girl, I will just add some flowers to the blue tops, and if I have a boy, I will give the pink one to my new knitting buddy who is having a girl that same week. Lots of babies are on the way! Yippee!