I Don’t Know What Came Over Me…

… but I just spent the weekend knitting socks.

Perhaps it was because this yarn is gorgeous (and purple) and squishy (and purple) and lovely (and purple).

Perhaps it was because I started it so long ago, that the good knitter in me wanted to make sure that it got done.

Perhaps it was because I thought about casting on something new, but my conscience nagged me into finishing something up first.

Whatever the reason, I made tons of progress. When I last put them down in October, I had completed both legs. This weekend, I turned both heels and knit each foot. All that is left are the toes.

Now, you all know that I am not a sock knitter. I have only ever completed one pair of adult size socks – a gift for my sister, and only because she really wanted them – plus a few baby socks. And, while the magic of turning a heel does enthrall me, mostly I find it boring.

This was going to be fun, though. It was a mystery knit-a-long, in which every week a clue was published – first the cuff, then the leg, etc… – until the pair were finished. I thought that surely the anticipation of the next clue coupled with the desire to stay ahead of the clues (finish knitting the first clue before the second clue was released) would help me to actually complete a pair of socks for myself.

And, the yarn is purple. And, it was a knit-a-long, so there was competition and accountibility. And, the yarn is purple. What more motivation could I possibly need to knit a measly pair of socks?

That was in October. I was all in and finished the cuffs in one night. Next clue – the leg. I whipped those puppies out with time to spare.

Then, the little pink line showed up and I started spending a lot more time cozying up to the toilet rather than my knitting. And I fell out of the race. Sigh. That’s just the way it goes, sometimes.

So, here I am, trying to get them finished. The excitement is gone. The mystery is over. Everyone else finished their socks months ago and I have the entire pattern all printed out. I don’t even particularly like these socks. (If I am going to do socks, I want them to look more like this.)

At least they are purple….