Not A Sock Knitter…

… yet I managed to finish these!

TTL Mystery Sock 2010 in Dream in Color Smooshy Visual Purple (Rav project page)

Three things about these socks:

1. I knit them two at a time (a technique that I learned from this book) using both ends of the ball of yarn. It was such a pain to keep the two strands from twisting together. I spent just as much time untangling my yarn as a did knitting. Next time, I will split the yarn into two separate balls. (“Next time” ha!)

2. I love this yarn. It was left over from the sweater that The Bookworm and I designed together last year. I love how it striped just a tad, too. And there is just a little bit left. Baby booties, perhaps?

3. I still don’t get the appeal of knitting socks. I mean, sure, these are cozy and lovely and everything. But, as I sit here with my feet cocooned hand knit wool, the thrill still escapes me. This is not nearly as satisfying as a sweater, and a lace shawl would be even better. But, that probably won’t stop me from trying again in the future. There are so many lovely sock patterns out there, I am constantly attracted to sock knitting. And, now I know that I can finish a pair. But, not for awhile. I want to use the sock yarn that I have to make beautiful shawls.

4 thoughts on “Not A Sock Knitter…

  1. Lovely! Personally, I don’t like knitting complicated sock patterns. Sock knitting for me is my stupid knitting. It’s what I bring along when I’m going somewhere, it’s what I knit in the car, it’s what I knit when I’m visiting with friends. Soakers were the same thing, when I was knitting those. That is the appeal for me, at least.

    I also like how sock yarn makes good souvenir yarn. If I’m buying yarn for a little pick-me-up, sock yarn makes a good choice.

    • Maybe I need to knit some boring ones, then, huh? I am still in the soaker/longie phase of life, so I guess that is the problem. Perhaps someday when my kiddos are all potty trained I will reach for a sock pattern instead of a diaper cover pattern! I hadn’t really thought of that.

      Sock yarn is excellent souvenir yarn – but have you seen all the lovely shawls you can make from it? Wrap that souvenir around your shoulders, not your feet! HA! πŸ™‚ I got the “101 Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders” book, and I have lots of uses for that wonderful stuff that isn’t socks. πŸ™‚

  2. I love them!!!

    I thought I would really love knitting socks when I became a knitter. I loved knot socks, I loved sock yarn. But after knitting a couple of ill fitting pairs I got frustrated and all my sock yarn is sitting. I have started planning shawls for most of it. It just seems like a better use of the luscious yarn.

    I also found that my love of variegated sock yarn is really regulated to the skein. Socks, I think, look best knit in a semi-solid or kettle fed yarn.

    I’d love to get that book! Off to the library website to see if they have it!

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