Ball Winder Heaven

So, what’s a gal to do when she get’s her tax return back, but has vowed not to buy any yarn?

She buys a really-super-awesome-heavenly-slap-yo-mama ball winder.

I needed lots of prodding from the man. It was a big price tag, and I had a really hard time hitting the final “Submit Order” button.

But, I will never need to buy another ball winder again.

Sigh. Heaven.

In case you are wondering how I chose this one, here were the contenders:

  • Knit Picks Ball Winder $19.99 – Totally out of the running. The one that I had lasted one year, and most of that year it felt like it was going to break any second.
  • Royal Ball Winder $54.00 (at – I was leaning toward this one, except that it is plastic and looks a lot like the one that just broke. The Man vetoed it promptly.
  • U-nitt Metal Ball Winder $37.95 (at Amazon) – This is a metal ball winder, and looked promising. Until I realized that it doesn’t spin the ball, it winds the yarn around the ball with a moving arm. Too many moving parts. I didn’t trust it.
  • Strauch Ball Winder $130 – Sturdy and wooden, the two requirements that I had, but it doesn’t look very ergonomic, does it? I can’t imagine turning that crank for very long.

And the winner is …drumroll please….

The Heavy Duty Ball Winder by Nancy’s Knit Knacks $199.99 – it’s wooden, sturdy, and winds a serious ball. Plus it is beautiful.

Here it is in action!

Tee hee! Now I am off to wind every skien of yarn in the house… twice!

psst! Mysti! You know you want to come over and try it… πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Ball Winder Heaven

  1. A) YES!~ I do!! I feel honored to be included in your post πŸ™‚
    B) This puts my impending arrival of my very own (albeit cheapy knit picks winder) to shame .. to a stupid, plastic, useless ball of shame. πŸ™‚
    When it comes today … i’ll wind all my yarn, wind it again, and then think .. man, my ball winder is just simply inferior πŸ™‚


    Yeah, it deserved all caps. πŸ˜‰

    Wow. Just. Wow.

    That is a true knitter’s tool. Beautiful. Sturdy. And it looks like it could even wind full 8 or 12 oz skeins (and some serious wool comes that big).

    Misti- you gotta go over if you can!

    (My knit picks winder is crying. In shame. Pathetic plastic shame.)

    • I had a half-knit sweater that I needed to frog. It was 6 balls WoTA all spit-spliced end to end to make one continuous yarn – about 650 yards. I hooked it up and wound this totally awesome giant mega yarn ball – and the winder never showed any sign of strain as that ball grew and grew. Amazing.

  3. Perhaps I should apologize to all those sad KP ball winders out there who are now hiding their spindles in shame. No offense intended. May you wind many a skein and bring years of pleasure to your masters.


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