Swap |swäp| (also swop)

verb ( swapped , swapping ) [ trans. ]take part in an exchange of : we swapped yarnie goodies; give (one thing) and receive something else in exchange : swap this skein of yarn for that one

I just participated in a stash swap (to freshen the stash without actually buying yarn) with some wonderful gals in the Knit Picks Lovers group on Ravelry. I sent out some of my yarn, a boxy bag, stitch markers, some patterns and a DPN project holder and today, recieved this from my swap partner:

A quick inventory reveals this woman’s great generosity:

Bare fingering (totally awesome, because, as she pointed out in her note, I am on a yarn diet, so I can dye this the color I need later. Yippee!)
2 skeins Gloss Lace carrot an excellent shade of orange
2 skeins Louet Gems Fingering bright red – to make the winnow socks (very excited about this)

Printed patterns in box:
Carmen Bananas
Carmen in the City
Tilt a Whirl

plus Patterns gifted to me through Ravelry this morning:
Jaali swoon – this is going on the needles tonight
Bitty Booties (for the bun in the oven)

embroidery needles
stitch markers (the open ring kind – love!)
pencil case (I am always looking for another bag to hold notions)
project bag (with cookies on it – so cute)

Fun stuff for me:
Jasmine white tea (boiling water right now so I can try it)
note cards that say “dream in chocolate” (oh, yeah!)

Fun stuff for the kids:
pencils/crayons/glue sticks/book marks (Peter Cottontail) and a Bible song book with CD

If you have never participated in a yarn swap, you are missing out. It is so much fun putting together a box for a stranger, and then such a treat when you get a box from them in return. I had so much fun, I already signed up for another in the Cuppa Tea? group! 🙂



5 thoughts on “Swap

  1. Great package!

    I have kind of given up on swaps when my last one resulted in me receiving junk from around a ladies’ house and a bottle of COKE when I had specifically said on my questionaire that I couldn’t have caffeine. (Seriously.)

    OK. Rant over. However……

    Your package is awesome! I love including pattern in swap packages, especially those that are waiting in someone’s queue to be bought. It is a happy surprise. I also love that he included such nice stuff for the kiddos. 😀

    • That is so not cool! I do have a little fear going in, but I figure that there is a lot of fun in the giving, too. 🙂 This was my second, and both have been great experiences. I haven’t heard from her, yet. I hope she likes what I sent… That is a little nerve wracking! 🙂

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