I Take It All Back….

… well, most of it.

I still don’t have a burning desire to knit socks, BUT…

I am really enjoying these.


So much so that I have been hand washing them at night to wear the next day.


I think I need some more.

No, I know I need some more.

Now the only question is which socks to make next? Should I go with a simple, no-brainer sock pattern, since I have so much lace in-progress right now?

Nah. I’m gonna make these with my new yarn from the KP Stash Swap (Louet Gems Fingering in Bright Red).

Interesting. I just may have found my inner sock knitter after all.

Hmph. We’ll see….

7 thoughts on “I Take It All Back….

  1. I have about…. three or four balls of sock yarn intending to make myself some pretty socks. Have I? nope. Why? Great question. Perhaps if I chose a pretty less boring pattern I could have the patience to make more than one of them and not get stuck in the lull that I seem to find! 🙂 Those socks are beautiful!

  2. I need to knit more socks. I have only officially done 2 pairs. And I really do enjoy it. But they never fit quite the way I’d like them to. But I’ll fix that………

    Those are some nice socks.

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